Thursday, March 26, 2009


That was pretty much my night yesterday and my day so far!! it has been a little hectic so I am posting a card that I have had kicking around..more on that in a sec.

So why the groan?? Well the toilet overflowed (literally) last night and I wasn't gonna deal with it so it had to wait 'til hubby got home. After mopping up the floor and throwing the floor mats in the washing machine we had to leave for swim practice. When we got home, I had to re-wash the floor 'cause although the toilet was fixed....he wasn't particularily tidy about it!!

Today the kids both had an orthodontist appt. Jessie is apparently missing all four of her #5 teeth and Jordan...go figure...needs to have 6 baby teeth pulled. He doesn't have enough room in his mouth and Jessie with her perfect smile (now) will have gaps later. Luckily we can't do anything about Jessie until she is older...I have already made an appointment with the oral surgeon for Jordan. Ok...enough moaning and groaning (GRIN)

Onto my card... another Bella (of course) I did warn you that I love all things Bella. So I used Retailfellabella on this card and watercoloured the image with some of the colours I pulled from the striped patterned paper. I used my CM wave cutter on the card and added a small piece of the striped paper on the inside edge of the card. Three espresso baubles and some Crystal effects on the boots added some dimension. the sentiment for the card was perfect.

There are only 2 problems with this card...ONE...I would never get hubby to go shopping with me like this...TWO...I won't get to go shopping like this...although the orthodontist will...LOL!!!

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  1. Ugh on the toilet and the teeth stuff, but your card is super cute! The colours are perfect. :)