Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm Still Here...

But not really...just temporarily!! I never would have thought with the kids back at school I would be busier than ever...but I am. It doesn't help that I tend to volunteer a lot of time to the school, I keep saying I won't but then I always do...LOL

I took some time the other day to make a card for a friend...she just had knee surgery and has to take it easy for some time until things are back to normal. I made her this card and used paper I picked up on clearance at one of my favourite know, my Happy Place!! I just loved the yellow with pink polka dots so I bought every piece they had...not sure what I'll do with the other 8 that are in my bin but I'm sure I'll figure it out. I love the colours I used for this card (SU's pink passion and Barely Banana) 'cause they look so cheery. Inside the card reads "Have a speedy recovery".

Personally I thought the sentiment went perfectly with the image, but I have to wonder if it is only in my mind that it works...Almost everyone I've shown the card to gives me a blank look when they see it. So I know...running shoes..."speedy" recovery...then I get the Ohhhhh I get it!!

Thanks for stopping by to look!!


  1. Welocme back my friend! This is super cute love the paper from your Happy place (you know it's mine too!) I hope your friend has a speedy recovery!