Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Did I actually say...

That I was going to make a Christmas card a week???? Well that is sooooooo not happening...I don't know what I was thinking!!!

I actually do have a Christmas card this week but I made it last week so we'll just count it for both weeks kay...

I used a cube stamp I bought years ago and haven't inked in a while and watercoloured the image with my markers...this one didn't photograph well so you can't see all the details (like the glittery red berries I coloured with my stardust pen). I had the paper pre-cut from ages ago (my addiction to stripes is not a new thing LOL) too so it was simple to figure out the rest. I stamped a simple "seasons greetings" inside so it can be used for anyone!!

Off to do a million and one things now...unfortunately none of which include card making :o(
Thanks for stopping by!!

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