Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Karen!!!!

Pretend I'm singing the song....but really, just pretend 'cause my singing sucks!!
Today is my good friend Karen's bday (so make sure you wish her a happy birthday)...she is far far away in Boston...but a bunch of us are thinking of her today...This is the card I made for her, you can tell it's for her 'cause no one loves pink and brown as much as she does!!!!

I used giftabella for the image and the sentiment inside reads "Birthdays are natures way of telling us to eat more cake" good one eh?? So Karen, since you are seeing this...your card is truly in the mail...but it won't be on do I know this you ask...wellllll I mailed it yesterday. So this is my card for hop over to Dana's, Janet's and Joanne's blogs and check out the cards they made (and probably mailed on time...) for Karen.

This pic is the most recent one I have....Karen is beside me, 2nd from the right...(then Dana, Janet, and Leslie in front)

YAY Karen, have an AWESOME day!!!

P.s. I scheduled this to post for 6am this didn't work :o(


  1. Thank you Miche!!! I can't wait to receive this lovely card in the mail. And don't worry, I just consider it an extension of the celebration when cards don't arrive on time. I'm so lucky to have friends like you girls to spoil me even when I live in another country. This is my BEST birthday ever in the US!!! Hugs!!! :)

  2. Great card!! So cute! I have that stamp too, she is my fave, she never fails to make me smile :o)