Friday, January 8, 2010

The Dog ate it...

No, not my CARD!!!! Seriously, I'm not kidding, a dog actually ate a card I made. My mom had asked me to make a card for her neighbour, he's turning 90 and has a great sense of humour (he was struck by lightning about 7 years ago and has an "I'm still alive" party every summer!!).

I made this card for her to give him...I printed the sentiment on my printer and stamped "A BIG Happy Birthday" on the inside. I used the same plaid paper and colours that I used on the boys birthday card posted earlier this week. I figured he'd laugh about the sentiment and of course it goes perfectly with the boys high tops stamp from Bellaland.
So I gave her the card and she dropped it someones house who was collecting the cards to give him. She put it through the mail slot in the door (as instructed) and then watched through the window as their dog came and picked it up in his mouth and took off. She called the lady later that day to make sure she got it...only to find out that the dog had just regurgitated (gross I know!!) some kind of paper. The lady then started to ask my Mom if the card was purple, or maybe red or white...The lady expressed her apologies and then proceeded to tell my mom that she was really surprised only a few people had responded to the card request..My mom suggested that maybe the dog had eaten more cards than just hers and the lightbulb came on...

So there you have it...a dog actually ate my card!! Now I have to go make it again with the promise from Mom that she will hand deliver it to her neighbour...good thing I took this picture!!

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  1. I'm glad it wasn't Rufus. Michelle, you really are talented. I am blown away by what you create...your work is truly a work of art! Give Jess and Jordan a big hug from me. CK