Sunday, August 9, 2009


I goofed when I sent my challenge card to Janet this week...I sent her the wrong challenge!! Thankfully she emailed me to let me know...then I had to scramble to find a card that would fit this weeks challenge which is a wedding/anniversary theme.

I can't believe I messed it up...Rob and I just celebrated our 13th anniversary and I remember when I looked at the list of challenges for the month I figured I would use whatever card I made for Rob. Welllllll, I didn't make a card...I (shhhh) bought one. The one thing I don't have in my enormously huge collection of card making supplies is "mushy" stuff...I mean seriously, 13 years is a pretty long time and I figured he deserved "mush"...well I bought him mush and then he was all upset I hadn't made him a card...I had to do some pretty fast talking to convince him that it was an honour that I had actually gone out and bought him a one gets store bought cards from me...I don't think it worked.

Sooooo there I was digging through the chaos on my desk looking for a suitable card...I did find one, I had submitted a wedding card ages ago for a bellariffic challenge so I sent that one. I won't give all the details since I have before...Check out Janet's challenge blog to see all the other submissions and maybe you'll be inspired to play along....and get a head start on your anniversary card so you don't have to do any fast talking like I did...

Have a great Sunday!!

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