Thursday, September 17, 2009


YUP, today is the day I turned the big one...and so far my day has been FABULOUS!!!! I should mention though, after today I'm 29 again...ok maybe 35 is more reasonable...GRIN!!

I woke up to a house FILLED with streamers and balloons...I mean filled...they were taped to the coffee machine, the computer, my toothbrush, my cell phone...well you get the picture. My DH stayed up late last night to do all this, and of course the kids were in heaven with all the balloons they get to play with. You can't walk into any room right now with out banging against or tripping over balloons.

I also got to see my good friend Dana at my fav place...Bellaland...I got a card from her and one from my friend Karen (click here to see the FABULOUS card she made me!!!)...not to mention some Bella Bucks to spend. I'm just waiting for Leslie's card's in the mail...right Leslie...LOL.
So I got home from my visit and thought I should continue painting my barn...yes I have actually started that project which was supposed to happen ohhhh about 2 months ago...and I decided since it is my Bday I would make a card instead...I only have about 1/2 an hour before I have to go get the kids so I had to make it quick...

I decided to ink up a fella (since I have a bunch and they are almost all brand new)...I coloured him in quickly with copics and layered with some scraps I found in my bin. It took all of 10 minutes...I think this post actually took longer to write...I guess it is a little long...but I'm allowed today!!!

Thanks for looking!!


  1. Happy Birthday my friend! It was great to see you and yes, I'm trying yet again, once more to comment on your blog - don't know why it won't let me but I'm hoping for some birthday magic! Hope the rest of your day is as special as you are! Yes, your card is in the mail - LOL...Leslie

  2. OMG - it worked! Now I just have to remember what I did :)

  3. HOpe you had a great bday! I wish i could have come to see ya!!

  4. Happy Belated birthday!!! You truly are fabulous at forty girlfriend!

    Love ya,