Thursday, February 18, 2010

On my way...

Out the door as usual...story of my life in case you haven't realized it yet...LOL. Today I have to take the kids to the doctor...then back to school...then I pick them up again and we're off to swim practice.
Both of the kids had a swim meet this past weekend but Jordan ended up not swimming on the second day due to an ear both ears. We went to the walk-in clinic to get him some antibiotics, today is just a follow up with the family doctor - mainly 'cause I don't trust walk-in clinics...and also because I'm pretty sure both of his ear drums perforated due to the infection.

I took some time to make a quick card and this is what I ended up with...I need a bday card for my aunt in Germany so I decided to use presentabella. I was planning on using a sketch challenge but my oval was much too big for the card so I ended up changing my plans. I trimmed off the side of the oval to make it a little smaller and stamped the sentiment in the open space on the image rather than on the card base...I punched out some circles that matched my colouring (sort of) and glued them down to my base layer. The card was still looking a little plain so I decided to pierce around the punched out circles...I liked how it turned out and decided the card really didn't need anything else...not to mention the fact that the image is so big there isn't room for anything else...

So now I'm off to the doctor's office...thanks for looking!!


  1. Love all the circles and polka dots! Hope Jordan's feeling better soon!

  2. Cute - love all the little dotted circles!