Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A new toy...

I went to my local clearance outlet and bought myself a sewing machine...for $29.99!! I actually do have one, a really good one...but it comes from Germany so I have to use a transformer every time I use also weighs a ton and takes up a lot of space. This one has 14 stitch functions and is actually quite small so it is just perfect for my craft space!

So of course with a new "toy" I had to play!! I made this card first just trying to get the hang of it...sewing on cardstock is VERY different than sewing with fabric!! All I did for this one was a zig-zag stitch around the edge. I just grabbed an image that went with paper I found in my pile and I played with some of my nesties to come up with the layout. I think I'll put this one aside for the next bday Jordan gets invited to.

Now I have no more time to play and have to get some work done!!

thanks for looking.


  1. Such a cute card Michelle! Which outlet are you talking about? Love the stitching!